Advanced Credit Control

Chasing money can be unpleasant, but it’s a vital task for any business. Nolan Business Solutions’ Advanced Credit Control for Dynamics GP aids Credit Controllers in the process of identifying and chasing debts, allowing you to cut down on your accounting processing time and reducing administrative overhead.

Advanced Credit Control enables Dynamics GP users to track events against their customers. The ability to easily identify outstanding debts and keep on top of them, as well as send reminder letters from your desktop will help you to reduce the time you spend chasing customers for money.

Advanced Credit Control for Dynamics GP features

Advanced Credit Control enhances the Dynamics GP Receivables module.

  • Enhanced document enquiry by user and user-specified enquiry restrictions
  • Provides a snapshot view of total credit position as defined by the user
  • Support for National Accounts and integration with Explorer
  • Consolidates posted and un-posted data from RM, Invoicing and SOP
  • Note ability to record conversations, actions etc.
  • Diary capability allows scheduling of future tasks and activities
  • Automatic opening of diary screen upon login
  • Letters containing mini statements with user-defined consolidation, cut off and print dates

Improve your cash flow

If outstanding debts are having an impact on your cash flow, Advanced Credit Control for Dynamics GP will give your Credit Controllers the tools to easily identify and chase outstanding debts. This module could seriously improve your cash flow.