General Ledger Integration

To ensure that you have complete control of your Dynamics GP system, all business transactions need to be entered in Dynamics GP. Where these transactions are made in external systems, this data will have to be manually entered into the GL for Dynamics GP, potentially resulting in errors and using administrative overhead, which can be more effectively deployed elsewhere. Nolan Business Solutions’ General Ledger Integration for Dynamics GP allows you to quickly and easily translate and import GL transactions from external systems, giving you peace of mind that you have the right data to control your Dynamics GP system.

General Ledger Integration operates by defining the relationship between your source data and the General Ledger data fields. The transactions are loaded into standard batches in order to ensure system integrity, and to allow subsequent amendment if required. The General Ledger Integration module incorporates a number of functions to manipulate the source data, prior to import into Microsoft Dynamics GP batches.

General Ledger Integration for Dynamics GP features

Take control of your Dynamics GP system with correct General Ledger data.

  • Code tables allow values to be translated between different systems
  • Sophisticated validation ensures the integrity of interfaced data
  • Import definition and data manipulation functions make importing easy
  • Supports assigning MDA codes/groups to the imported transactions
  • Source file tracking and audit reporting ensure data is not lost

Peace of mind over the accuracy of your Dynamics GP General Ledger

Nolan Business Solutions General Ledger Integration for Dynamics GP allows you to simply import data from external systems, saving you costs and reducing errors by eliminating the need for manual data entry into the General Ledger, giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that your General Ledger is completely accurate.