Nolan Business Solutions understands that each company is different. However organisations in each industry will have a number of unique business processes and requirements in common. Our industry expertise has enabled us to write add-ons & customisations which allow organisations in these industries to optimise their systems.

Creative & Media

Publishers, broadcasters and other media companies operate in a highly competitive, volatile market that has seen significant changes in the past few years. Organisations have had to adjust to ever changing customer preferences and new technologies. To remain competitive, creative & media businesses need an ERP system that will allow them to manage economies of scale while preserving their ability to differentiate themselves through innovative new products and services…. more >>

Institutes & Associations

Institutes & Associations are faced with the challenge of recruiting new members and ensuring that they give their membership value for money. Organisations in this sector need an ERP solution that is fully integrated with their CRM system to support member acquisition and to ensure that they keep costs to a minimum, whilst meeting their members’ expectations…. more>>

IT Sector

The global recession has affected the way IT businesses operate, but the underlying shift has seen a refocusing of priorities to reduce costs and improve operating efficiencies. IT resellers need an ERP that will help them substantially lower the cost per transaction and software companies need a system that will handle complex financial management, including revenue recognition…. more>>


Today’s manufacturers keep facing more challenges than ever before, managing rising costs, increased competition and changing regulations. Organisations in this industry need an ERP system that will help them to streamline processes, reduce costs and increase margins…. more >>

Not for Profit & Charities

Not for Profit & Charity organisations need to focus on their mission, but economic conditions are putting a lot of pressure on them to get funding. Organisations in this industry need an ERP solution that allows them to do more with less, whilst conforming to stringent regulatory and operational requirements, and giving them more time to secure funding…. more>>

Professional Services

In today’s market many professional services organisations are faced with increasingly demanding customers, selling an intangible product that is difficult to quantify and growing competition eroding margins and profits. Project based organisations need an ERP that enables them to estimate projects correctly, manage delivery according to schedule, complete on time, as well as meet customer’s expectations…. more>>

Sport & Leisure

Today’s leisure orientated market provides opportunities and challenges to organisations in the Sport & Leisure industry. Companies need to stay ahead of market trends, proactively engage with their customers and grow their customer/membership base. Companies in the Sport & Leisure industry need an ERP system which is built around processing multiple business tasks, be this finance, inventory, purchasing, event management, managing seat or bed occupancy, hr, marketing, catering and/or customer relationship management…. more >>

Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesalers & Distributors face many challenges including managing inventory levels, visibility of inventory, fluctuations in demand and complex supply chains. Organisations in this industry need an ERP system that will help them control their inventory and meet customer demand…. more>>