Sport & Leisure

Today’s leisure orientated market provides opportunities and challenges to organisations in the Sport & Leisure industry. Companies need to stay ahead of market trends, proactively engage with their customers and grow their customer/membership base. Companies in the Sport & Leisure industry need an ERP system which is built around processing multiple business tasks, be this finance, inventory, purchasing, event management, managing seat or bed occupancy, hr, marketing, catering and/or customer relationship management.

Nolan Business Solutions has worked with many organisations in the sport & leisure sector and have provided solutions which enable these companies to manage their multiple business processes.

Sport & Leisure industry specific functionality includes:

Membership acquisition and management

  • Event management tools, including project management, budgeting, reporting, etc.
  • Fully integrated CRM to provide a 360 degree view of activities with each contact, customer or member.
  • Integrated marketing tools, including direct mail, email, lead to membership/customer tracking, etc.
  • Simple yet powerful tools that integrate all aspects of the business from ticketing, hospitality, retail sales, web sales, mail order sales and membership.

Day to day operation

  • Accommodates multiple business processes, including events, bed/seat management, catering, inventory, etc.
  • Job costing and time recording to manage event management, sports management, membership acquisition and other project work.
  • Stock and Sales Order Processing to manage sales via retail, mail order or the web.
  • Purchasing (including Web based requisitions) delivering full commitment accounting by cost centre or event.
  • Selling and costing of conference and banqueting, events, etc.
  • eCommerce tools to facilitate such issues as Web sales of products, services and events, as well as membership portals.

Financial operations

  • Fully integrated finance ledgers delivering tight business control.
  • Purchasing (including web based procurement) delivering full commitment accounting.

Analyse performance

  • Real-time query and analysis tools for rapid analysis of data from any part of the system.

The Nolan Business Solutions team have been working with the Sport & Leisure industry for many years and consequently have the product expertise and industry experience to ensure successful implementations on time and in budget.