Electronic Payments

Cost reduction is one of the main reasons why organisations choose to invest in electronic payment of suppliers and employees.  Nolan Business Solutions Electronic Payments for NetSuite provides this facility directly from your existing NetSuite system, thereby vastly reducing administrative overhead and payment processing costs.

Electronic Payments for NetSuite enables businesses to define formats required by their banking software and to create output files containing the instructions to pay their suppliers. User definable formats allow companies to define an unlimited number of export definitions, as well as complicated bank definition and custom fields can be included in the file definition.

Electronic Payments for NetSuite features

Electronic Payments for NetSuite is fast, convenient and simple to use.

  • Manage the whole process from a single tab in NetSuite
  • Supports different file formats
  • User definable file export formats
  • Full audit trail
  • Payment cancellation process
  • Supports multi-currency
  • Reduced payment processing expenses
  • Prevents double-entry of critical payment details

Lower administrative and payment processing costs

Nolan Business Solutions Electronic Payments for NetSuite is an efficient and effective way to lower administrative and payment processing costs. Directly integrated with your standard NetSuite system, it significantly reduces the time and cost taken for the payment of suppliers and employees.