Both Microsoft Dynamics GP and NetSuite release regular upgrades to ensure that their users continue to get the maximum benefit of their chosen system. As a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner and NetSuite Solution Provider Nolan Business Solutions gets access to the latest upgrades before they are released. This means we can ensure that our products continue to seamlessly integrate with your main system once you decide to upgrade.

Upgrading to the latest Dynamics GP version can bring a lot of benefits to customers; at Nolan Business Solutions we work hard to ensure our Microsoft modules are compatible with the latest versions. We work closely with our partners and customers to ensure our customers have a hassle-free transition to the latest version of their Nolan Microsoft module or customised software application.

Automatic upgrades are part of your annual NetSuite fee, so you’re always on the latest version. Users get notified when upgrades are due to happen and new features, etc. are communicated via your Dashboard when you login. Users of Nolan’s NetSuite Apps can rest assured that our products will be updated before the new upgrades go live and you can continue to use your Nolan product without any hassle.