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How do today’s Automated Invoice Processing systems differ from Invoice OCR systems of the past?

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What is Easy?

EASY Software’s EASY for Microsoft Dynamics GP is a seamlessly integrated Document Management solution for the Microsoft Dynamics GP enterprise resource planning system.  Offering rich functionality and extensive scalability, it handles a diverse range of documents types including purchase invoices, sales invoices, goods receipts and remittances. Additional modules for OCR, Workflow, Contract Management and HR Management can be easily added as required.

EASY for Microsoft Dynamics GP is one of the few solutions accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) recognising ease of use, strong audit support and a robust technical architecture as some its unique offerings. Over 12,000 companies globally rely on EASY to underpin their businesses and to save time and money transitioning from a paper to electronic document management environment.

EASY for Microsoft Dynamics GP can be deployed rapidly utilising tried and tested methods developed using Nolan Business Solutions’ extensive ERP knowledge combined with EASY’s “quick win” deployment model.


  • Archiving

    Revision-proof archiving

  • Search

    Search/retrieval from the Dynamics GP interface

  • Text recognition

    Extensive organising and search capabilities using full-text recognition

  • Secure

    Secure access of documents to authorised users and audit trails

  • Scanned documents

    Assigning scanned documents via barcodes

  • Integration

    Optional Integration into eRequest, Invoice Approvals and SSRS reporting

  • Rapid

    Rapid Deployment

  • Character Recognition

    Optional Intelligent Optical Character Recognition technology available

  • Automate business processes

    Web based workflow to automate business processes

Explore EASY Invoice

EASY Invoice is a software solution package for Accounts Payable departments that can automate the capturing of invoice data and authorisation process, while seamlessly integrating with your current ERP systems. 


  • Improved relations

    Improved customer/supplier relations

  • Quicker

    Quicker query response times

  • Reduced transportation costs

    Reduced document loss; removal of transportation costs

  • Document tracing

    Enables documents tracing and easily visible status check

  • Greener

    Greener option – fewer documents copied

  • Early settlement discounts

    Enables early settlement discounts from suppliers

  • Automation

    Automation of business critical processes using workflow

  • View documents

    Potential integration to view documents from other business applications

  • 24/7 information

    24/7 information retrieval from anywhere via browser or mobile device

  • Scalable

    Quickly scalable

About Easy Software UK

EASY Software, founded in 1990 is Europe’s foremost provider of integrated document management technologies. With more than 12,000 customers worldwide, global and local companies alike now rely on EASY’s comprehensive suite of document technologies to automate business processes, improve productivity and boost efficiency, as well as meet increasing regulatory requirements.

EASY promotes its extensive suite of document management solutions both directly and indirectly through a network of 200-plus global sales partners. More than 100 software development companies have created interfaces to EASY ECM Suite™, the company’s flagship solution platform.

EASY Software is also a Microsoft Gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV) as well as being the second largest provider of SAP archiving solutions worldwide.

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